A move to identify the product baby title in the end is excellent! A move to three judgments

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For our sellers, the system to crawl our baby is to crawl the keywords of our title, how to identify our title combination is superior is inferior, and today we move a trick to our different levels of keyword data Analysis to determine whether our title can bring us one of the largest traffic entrance.
First, see the effect
First of all, to determine whether our title is good, to see an accurate search for visitors, we can plug-ins, product performance, product analysis and physical examination center can see that we have a search results.

① plug-ins can be electricity business records, shop detectives, shop check, clairvoyance these free plug-ins look at our natural search to see if there is no search word rankings, this is just a look at the search term effect reference;
② Second, we can also look at the effect of the baby's search results to guide the number of visitors to see our baby to guide visitors to the total number of visitors accounted for the analysis of our baby title of a drainage effect;
③ through a single product analysis specific to see our baby every day into the store keywords, mainly to see the number of key words visitors and payment orders to count the effect of a search term for 7 days, which is an important reference for our later optimization title;
④ You can also search the physical examination center to see the seven days of each baby's keyword data.

Second, look at the data
After we read the title to give us a free search visitor effect, we focus on the key words in our title is the industry data, because our choice is to look at the industry data, such data analysis can be the most professional Analysis of the key words of your portfolio title is to give baby more free traffic.

① market conditions and deserved reputation of the seller to see the key words of the main search data to see the popularity and the number of online products, the more popular search, the lower the number of online products, the more the better keywords for novice stores the best number of products below 1000 to get Traffic, 500 the following best, of course, the premise is popular enough high, which need to be compared to select the best quality words and even God's word, but also need to see the 30-day trend, the trend of rising or the best outbreak, for different levels of different data pull Incoming traffic will be different, the higher the level, the greater the traffic entrance, according to the daily keyword statistics to find the law of the data;
② There is no tool in the through traffic flow analysis to see the show and the degree of competition and trends, identification methods and methods similar to the above tools;
③ Through the keyword in front of the keyword effect with keyword industry data can be seen at their own store level keyword visitors to the rules of the keyword data can accurately see we can get free search visitor results.
Third, look at the structure
After the first two points, we also need to see a structure of the title, the purpose of the main categories of gold title structure and sub-category structure and the title of the note.

① The gold structure of the major categories is to determine the definition of three-level four-level core content to be extended, usually 1-2 core words;
② small category structure, two three-level words of high quality keywords according to the combination of data sorting, preferably different stems to filter keywords;
③ both ends of the gold bit, both ends of the largest grab efforts, you can put the largest drafting words on both ends.
Through the data as the core of the trick is to distinguish the title of our title is a high quality, you can according to the different levels of keyword visitors accurate targeted targeted access to more search visitors.